Our office locations

Office Alsvåg

8432 Alsvåg, Nordland

Main Activity: Origination and sourcing.

Located close to the major fishing grounds outside Lofoten and Vesterålen in the municipality of Øksnes. Seafood Partners AS was founded here and it maintains a close relationship with approved suppliers situated nearby and close to the rich fishing grounds of the North Atlantic.

6003 Ålesund, Møre og Romsdal

Main Activity: Sales and marketing.

Ålesund is the main export hub for Norwegian Seafood. Our container operations go through Ålesund port and our presence here enables us to keep close contact with suppliers, coldstores and shipping companies.

Office Stavanger

4021 Stavanger, Rogaland

Main Activity: Sales and marketing.

Sharing office cluster with several R&D companies within seafood and fishery science, such as Nofima. From Stavanger we are only short trip away from major customers in Northern Europe.

Geir S. Meløy

Managing Director

+47 414 71 934

Torgrim B. Finnes

Sales Director

+47 902 64 710

Hao Lan (兰昊)

Sales Manager (客户经理)

+47 413 66 779 (微信同号)

Nicolai L. Haarr

Sales & Logistics Coordinator

+47 976 06 553

Accounts / Backoffice

+47 76 18 59 00

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