Our office locations

Office Alsvåg

8432 Alsvåg, Nordland

Main Activity: Origination and sourcing.

Located close to the major fishing grounds outside Lofoten and Vesterålen in the municipality of Øksnes. Seafood Partners AS was founded here and it maintains a close relationship with approved suppliers situated nearby and close to the rich fishing grounds of the North Atlantic.

Office Stavanger

4021 Stavanger, Rogaland

Main Activity: Sales and marketing.

Sharing office cluster with several R&D companies within seafood and fishery science, such as Nofima. From Stavanger we are only short trip away from major customers in Northern Europe.

Staale Meløy


+47 913 31 627

Geir S. Meløy

Managing Director

+47 414 71 934

Nicolai L. Haarr

Sales & Logistics Coordinator

+47 976 06 553

Hao Lan (兰昊)

Sales Manager (客户经理)

+47 413 66 779 / +86 159 2702 6692

Accounts / Backoffice

+47 76 18 59 00

VAT No.: 960 592 611 MVA

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