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    Gadus morhua



    North Atlantic / FAO 27
    Caught by trawl and longline.

    Frozen at sea (FAS)

    Headed / Gutted (H/G), main size gradings:
    1,0 kg-
    1,0-2,5 kg
    2,5-4,0 kg
    2,5-5,0 kg
    4,0-6,0 kg
    6,0kg +

    Frozen in random weight block, packed in paper bags (25 or 50kg) with an inner poly layer.
    Wrapped on pallets, approximately 1 300kg/ pallet.

    Fresh on-ice

    H/G fish, head on/off, full/blank iced.

    Value – added products

    Fillets, loins, cubes from blocks

    By – Products

    Liver, roe, heads, back bones and other by-products.

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